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"We help you to choose best fit solution for business processes, support business users and define technology adoption roadmap."

Your enterprise’s ability to grow and compete in today’s technology-intensive world is dependent on how you introduce, adopt and sustain technology solutions while ensuring business benefits are realised and appreciated by business users. We at AgileApt help you to efficiently manage and deliver business value by providing unmatched consulting services in following areas.

ERP Consulting Services

Are you planning to implement ERP or in the process of evaluating best fit enterprise solution?

Our certified project manager and team of techno-functional experts helps selecting best-fit ERP product & implementation partner, effective project management during implementation, defining cut over and go live strategy and post implementation support.

Integration Services

Do you have multiple custom applications running in isolation or build on top of existing ERP solution and want to leverage integration benefits?

We help you integrating your entire solution landscape by providing custom connectors for ERP and services for legacy application. These integrations help you in re-aligning your applications to avoid data duplicity and present reliable reports.

Support Services

Are you facing challenges in providing ERP/Application support to business users?

Retention of technical resources and ensuring continuity in support has always been a challenge in non IT industries. We help you outsource your support work to ensure continuity in support and adherence to business service level agreements.

Technology Upgrades

Do you want to upgrade technology of legacy application?

Our in-depth understanding of business processes and latest technologies helps you mitigate risk of functionality skips, change management and technology disasters.

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