Mobile app development trends for 2017

25 Jan

Your enterprise’s ability to grow and compete in today’s technology-intensive world is dependent on how you introduce, adopt and sustain technology solutions while ensuring business benefits are realised and appreciated by business users. We at AgileApt help you to efficiently manage and deliver business value by providing unmatched consulting services in following areas.Mobile app development will certainly dominate the technology area in 2017. The booming upward thrust of telephone numbers all over the global has led to purchasers who prefer mobile apps over web sites. A Gartner survey indicates that the variety of mobile app downloads is anticipated to reach 268 billion instances in 2017.

These days, mobile apps permit us to get amusement, today's news, video games, paying bills, participating with friends and carry out a whole lot extra such features. With the developing reputation and usage of mobile packages, they're not constructed for smartphones anymore but are wished for linked homes, wearables, IoT- enabled devices and lots more.

Let’s have a look at the primary tendencies on the way to take forward the mobile app development journey in 2017.

IoT-primarily based Apps

With the developing reputation of IoT, apps having the IoT generation will be crucial for the improvement of mobile apps. Customers need easy access to information and data each time they need on any tool such as tablets, smartphones, wearables, and so on. Keeping in thoughts the improvements in the discipline of IoT will help as groups in the sector of schooling, healthcare, motors and smart homes have already commenced integrating IoT into their mobile programs. IoT apps additionally play an extensive position in employer mobile apps. Therefore, integrating this technology into apps is anticipated to move mainstream in 2017.

Utility security

Mobile apps vulnerable to security breaches has emerge as an international difficulty that demands attention. The security of the mobile phone has become crucial than ever before because of the sensitivity and sheer amount of records in it. Safety is a severe challenge for the mobile app builders and the coming 12 months will witness tech giants setting efforts in constructing a comfortable environment for his or her mobile apps.

Location primarily based offerings

Utility apps are developing in recognition. lots of us use our phone apps to carry out everyday activities along with touch tracking, ordering groceries, attempting to find nearest retail shops and eating places, and so on. Area based services had been in use in such apps, making our lives easy. With the developing availability and simplicity of use of GPS, this trend will keep to evolve and give customers real-time information in 2017. Areas, wherein location based offerings/services can be carried out to appropriate use, are navigation, tour and tourism, area mapping, price portals, protection features and much more.

User experience

User experience is the high recognition of any mobile app and the coming year won’t be an exception. In 2017, UX will dominate mobile app development developments, and it's going to demand more innovation and thoughts from designers to construct a consumer-pleasant mobile application.

AR-enabled Apps

Last year we witnessed the power of Augmented fact apps with the recognition of Pokemon go and other comparable applications. Through the years, a more range of apps have started out setting AR into use and this era is expected to take app functioning to the subsequent degree. With the assist of AR tools, integrations consisting of product hyperlinks, social media syncing and area monitoring may be made more green and productive than ever before.

Enterprise Apps

The employer mobile app marketplace will get bigger in 2017. It helps in streamlining paintings processes and operations in a business enterprise. Many organizations had been the use of enterprise apps for better employee control and optimizing the place of job.

Moving ahead closer to 2017, those developments are predicted to give new opportunities for entrepreneurs and customers for having an interesting mobile app experience. AgileApt Solutions is an experienced IT associate having its footprints in the mobile App development. We offer free mobile app answers for multiple mobile systems. For all your IT solution necessities, write to us at