Mobile app development trends for 2017

  • 25/Jan/2017
  • App Development, Security, Enterprise Apps

Mobile app development will certainly dominate the technology area in 2017. The booming upward thrust of telephone numbers all over the global has led to purchasers who prefer mobile apps over web sites. A Gartner survey indicates that the variety of mobile app downloads is anticipated to reach 268 billion instances in 2017.

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Website architecture Elements You Should Avoid Having on Your Site

  • 30/Jan/2017
  • Background music , Extra vast/little content size , Popup windows

AgileApt Solutions is a company of website specialists, and as per our website specialist, you ought to outline your sites to give your customers the best impression and most vital of each of the welcoming experience. It doesn't make a difference if you had the best item in the entire world - if your site is inadequately done you won't have the capacity to offer even one copy of it since customer will be driven off your site by the lousy design.

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